Sarah Rhie and Marie Rougie Receive 2014 Star Heel Awards

Sarah Rhie (Song Lab) and Marie Rougie (Hahn Lab) receive 2014 Star Heel Awards from the University.

Sarah Rhie, Research Technician in the Song Lab, and Marie Rougie, Research Associate in the Hahn lab, have received 2014 Star Heel Awards from the Department of Pharmcology in June.  These awards are presented by the University in recognition of the excellence with which they perform their job. The award comes with an award certificate honoring their service as well as a gift card. 

The Star Heels Award Program is made possible by the generous sponsorship of TIAA-CREF. The program provides awards to individual departments in order to recognize and reward excellent employees. 

Pictured below left: Sarah Rhie holding her Star Heel Award; below right: Marie Rougie receives Star Heel Award from Patty Holloway,  Click for larger images.

 Sarah Rihe Star Heel Award 2014      Marie Rougie Receives Star Heel Award from Patty Holloway

Pictured below left:Sarah with the Song Lab;  below right: Marie with Hahn Lab members celebrating her award. Click for larger images.

Sarah Rihe with Song Lab Receiving Star Heel Award      Marie Rougie Celebrating Star Heel Award with Hahn Lab

Our congratulations to both Sarah and Marie on receiving the 2014 Star Heel Award!