Bryan Richardson Receives Thomas Collum Butler Award 2010

Bryan Richardson Receives Thomas Collum Butler Award 2010 click to enlarge Bryan Richardson, Thomas Collum Butler Award Recipient 2010

Bryan Richardson, a member of the Johnson Lab, received the Thomas Collum Butler Award 2010today,  February 2, 2011. The award comes with a check for $1000 and a one-year fellowship.

The Thomas Collum Butler Award supports outstanding advanced graduate students who are undertaking their research training in areas broadly related to the understanding of developmental disabilities; this might include work in neurobiology, neuropharmacology, or developmental biology.

Candidates for the Fellowship must be full-time Ph.D. or M.D. / Ph.D. students who have completed their doctoral oral and written exams, and who are engaged in research in the laboratory of a CORE or JOINT member of The Department of Pharmacology.

Candidates for this award submitted a 1-page summary of their research interest, which included a statement as to how their work relates to developmental disabilities and a list of publications, abstracts or awards.

Bryan received the award to further his research on cerebral cavernous malformation (CCM), a vascular disease, which results in severe phenotypes including brain hemorrhage and stroke.

You can read Bryan's complete summary describing the research that won him the award and how it relates to the understanding of developmental disabilities here.

A big congratulation to Bryan!

Bryan Richardson Receives Butler Award 2010 from Gary Johnson

Above Photo: Bryan Richardson receiving the award from
Dr. Gary Johnson.  Click image to view enlargement.