Chris Welch Receives PhD

Receives PhD with High Honors!

Chris Welch Receives PhD click to enlarge Chris Welch, PhD

Chris Welch successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis May 20, 2011 and earned his Ph.D., passing with High Honors, a feat which hasn't occurred in Pharmacology in nearly 20 years. Congratulations, Chris!

The title of Chris' dissertation is: "Revealing Rho GTPase Dynamics in Cell Migration."

You can view one of Chris' cool cell cinemas here (flash required): Rac1 activation in motile fibroblasts.

Here's a link to the Nature paper Chris was a co-author on: Machacek et al., Nature, 461: 99-103, 2009 [epub: Aug 19, 2009].)

Chris was also recently awarded a 2011 Lineberger Fellowship. more

As a student in the MD/PhD program, Chris will be returning to med school to complete the clinical portion of his medical school education.

Photo below (click for enlargement): Chris with his parents, David and Shelia Welch, from Campobello, SC.

Chris Welch and parents -450

Photo below (click for enlargement):Chris with his mentor, Klaus Hahn.

Chris and Klaus 450

More photos (click for enlargement):

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