Song Lab Cover Art Chosen by Stem Cell Report for March 2018 Issue

The cover art, designed by Hechen Bao (Postdoc, Song lab), Mengting Dai (Lab Technician, Song Lab), and Andrew Crowther (Graduate Student, Song lab), accompanied a paper that Andrew and Szu-Aun Lim (Song Lab alumni) are co-first authors on.

Stem Cell Report selected the cover art of Hechen Bao, postdoc in the Song Lab, Mengting Dai, lab technician in the Song lab, and Andrew Crowther, graduate student in the Song Lab, for the March 2018 issue.  

Stem Cell Reports Cover Description:

"Cover In this issue, Crowther et al. (pp. 1146–1159) report a rAAV4-based toolkit for preferential targeting and manipulating quiescent NSCs in the adult hippocampus. The cover image is an artistic modification of the confocal image showing doublecortin+ cells (in green) and qNSCs that specifically labeled by rAAV4 at 3dpi (in red).  Cover credit: Cover credit: Hechen Bao, Mengting Dai, and Andrew Crowther." ~from Stem Cell Reports website cover description, March 13, 2018 issue.

Congratulations to Hechen, Andrew and Mengting!

The cover accompanied a paper published by the Song Lab on which Andrew Crowther* and Szu-Aun Lim* (Song Lab undergraduate researcher), are co-first authors*: "Crowther, A. et al., An Adeno-Associated Virus-Based Toolkit for Preferential Targeting and Manipulating Quiescent Neural Stem Cells in the Adult Hippocampus, Stem Cell Reports, 10(3): 1146–1159, 2018.

Along with Andrew and Szu-Aun, other authors on the paper include:   Brent African (Res. Assistant Professor, Song Lab), Blake H. Albright,  Josh Wooten (graduate student, Song Lab), Chia-Yu Yeh (Postdoc, Song Lab), Hechen Bao (Postdoc, Song Lab), Domenic H. Cerri, Jessica Hu (Undergruate researcher, Song Lab), Yen-Yu Ian Shih, Aravind Asokan, and Juan Song, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and senior author.

Other authors besides Andrew and Hechen from the Song Lab: