Graduation May 2007

Five Students Receive Doctorates in May

Graduation May 2007 click to enlarge The five doctoral graduates stand with two of their Mentoring Professors at the Hooding Ceremony

The five students who received their doctorates this May stand with two of their mentoring professors in the photo to the right, taken at the hooding ceremony.

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From left to right: Marielle Yohe (Sondek Lab), Breann Wolfe (Trejo Lab), Dayle Houston (Harden Lab), Prof. Ken Harden, Jason Seifert (Harden Lab), Melinda Willard (Siderovski Lab), Prof. David Siderovski. Congratulations graduates!

More Photos from the Hooding Ceremony:
Image 1: Marielle Yohe, Jason Seifert, Melinda Willard, Prof. Ken Harden, Dayle Houston, and Prof. David Siderovski. Image2: Another group photo of Marielle Yohe, Jason Seifert, Melinda Willard, Prof. Ken harden, Dayle Houston and Prof. David Siderovski. Image 3: Prof. David Siderovski, Melinda Willard, and Prof. Ken Harden. Image 4: Dayle Houston, Prof. Ken Harden and Jason Seifert. Image 5: Dayle Houston and Prof. Ken Harden with his Graduate School Faculty Award for Excellence in Doctoral Mentoring.

Read about Prof. Ken Harden's Excellence in Mentoring Award, with quotes from some of the the nominating letters that helped him to win it.