James Shellhammer Successfully Defends his PhD!

Congratulations to James Shellhammer who successfully defended his thesis March 27, 2017!

James Shellhammer Successfully Defends his PhD! click to enlarge Dr. James Shellhammer with his mentor, Dr. Henrik Dohlman

Congratulations to James Shellhammer, who successfully defended his thesis, "Coordination of G protein and mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathways by branched-chain amino acid metabolite second messengers during osmotic stress" on March 27, 2017!

James has published several papers while at UNC including a first authored paper in PLoS Genetics, Amino acid metabolites that regulate G protein signaling during osmotic stress."

James' has accepted a position as a postdoc in Ireland in the Centre for Bionano Interactions at University College Dublin, in the lab of Professor Kenneth Dawson, where he will study the biological interactions of nanoparticles used for targeted drug delivery. 

We wish James all the best in Ireland and in all his future endeavors!