Katy and Steve Cappell Receive PhD's

Couple receive PhD's in Pharmacology

Katy and Steve Cappell Receive PhD's click to enlarge Katy and Steve Cappell, both recent recipients of PhD's

Husband and wife Steve and Katy Cappell received their PhD's within five months of each other!  Katy, a member of the Whitehurst Lab, received her Ph.D. on May 13, 2011, while Steve, a member of Henrik Dohlman's Lab, received his Ph.D. on December 16, 2010.

The title of Katy's dissertation is  "Symplekin and Transforming Acidic Coiled-Coil Containing Protein 3 Support the Cancer Cell Mitotic Spindle."

Steve's dissertation is titled "Systematic Analysis of Essential Genes Reveals New Regulators of G protein Signaling."

Members of both families flew in to help Katy and Steve celebrate on their big days!  Katy's family came in all the way from Illinois, while Steve's family came in from Isle of Palms, South Carolina.

As for their future plans, Steve, currently a temporary postdoc in the Dohlman Lab, will be leaving for a full postdoctoral position at Stanford University.  Katy, an MD/PhD student, will be finishing up her MD degree before joining Steve at Stanford.  (We hope you're able to arrange a few rotations there, Katy!)

Katy was also recently honored with a P.O.E. Scholar Award. read more

Our congratulations to both of them!

Photo top right: Katy and Steve Cappell.  Click for enlargement.

Photo below:  Steve's parents, Dan and Patti Cappell, Steve's sister, Sara Cappell, Steve, Katy, and Katy's mom, Tess Reinhard at Steve's Ph.D. party. Click for enlargement.

Steve, Katy and family at Steve's Defense 450

Photo below: Katy and her parents, Larry and Tess Reinhard, at Katy's Ph.D. party. Click for enlargement.

Katy Cappell and her parents 450

More photos from Katy's PhD defense party, click for enlargement:

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