Seven BBSP Students Join Pharmacology

Seven new BBSP Students gave end of year presentations upon joining the Pharmacology Department's graduate program.

2014 New Graduate Students Join Pharmacology

The Department of Pharmacology is pleased to welcome seven new BBSP students who have joined the Pharmacology Graduate Program this May!

Pictured above left to right (click for larger image) they are:

  • Irem Dagliyan (joining Channing Der's lab)
  • Dominique Soroka (joining Nikolay Dokholyan's lab)
  • Evan Dubose (joining James Bear/Gary Johnson's lab)
  • Kate Lansu (joining Bryan Roth's lab)
  • Tigist Tamir (joining Ben Major's lab)
  • Jennifer Kernan (joining Mike Emanuele's lab)
  • Brian Constance (joining Todd Cohen's lab)

Each student gave an end-of-year presentation describing the research they did in their BBSP spring rotation this year. The title of their talks can be viewed in this program.