Sheryl Fuehrer Receives HHMI Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Sheryl Fuehrer Receives HHMI Undergraduate Research Fellowship click to enlarge Sheryl Fuehrer, Hahn lab member and recipient of HHMI Future Scientists and Clinicians (HHMI-FSC) Fellowship

Sheryl Fuehrer, an undergraduate researcher in the Hahn Lab received a Howard Hughes Medical Institute for Future Scientists and Clinicians (HHMI-FSC) fellowship. It's a program for Carolina Covenant Scholars to undertake full-time biomedical research under the guidance of faculty advisors, grad students or a postdoc.  In addition to research in the lab, the fellows attend weekly meetings to work on a range of skills necessary for success in science, including effective communication about their own research to people with varying levels of scientific expertise.  Two presentations are required during the ten week program.  

Sheryl currently holds a work-study position in Klaus Hahn's lab, as a lab assistant to Christopher MacNevin, PhD. Chris develops the methodology of the synthesis in his research projects and with his supervision Sheryl has assisted by carrying out the reactions and synthesis steps in the chemistry lab.

Sheryl's fellowship project will begin in the summer of 2014 once she and Chris decide on what it will be. Our congratulations to Sheryl on receiving this award!