Ten Win Best Poster Awards at Pharmacology Research Retreat

Ten Graduate Students and Postdocs Win First Place Awards for Best Poster Presentations

Forty-one graduate students and postdocs presented posters at the Annual Pharmacology Research Retreat held at the Friday Center May 14, 2007. Ten received First Place Awards and a $100 check. All presenters received a Pharmacology T-shirt for participating in the retreat. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participated!

Listed below are the winners' names, their positions and lab, and the titles of their winning posters, in alphabetical order.

  • Puneeta Arora, Postdoc, Trejo Lab, "Persistent EGFR/ErbB2 Transactivation by Protease-activated Receptor-1 Promotes Breast Carcinoma Invasion"
  • Adriana Beltran, Postdoc, Blancafort Lab, "Artificial Transcription Factors synergize with chromatin remodeling drugs to re-activate the tumor suppressor maspin"
  • Nina DiPrimio, Grad Student, Samulski Lab, "Are you in the loop? New structural insights into viral capsid assembly"
  • Ingrid Fricks, Grad Student, Harden Lab, "UDP is a competitive antagonist at the human P2Y14 receptor"
  • Sabrice Guerrier, Grad Student, Polleux, "Formin Binding Protein 2 (FNBP2), a novel Rac1-specific GTPase activating protein is a novel regulator of neuronal migration"
  • May Paing, Postdoc, Trejo Lab, "A Novel Role for Adaptor Protein Complex-3 in Lysosomal Sorting of Protease-activating Receptor-1"
  • Tiffany Ricks, Grad Student, Trejo Lab, "Phosphorylation Differentially Regulates Protease-activated Receptor-21 Desensitization and Internalization"
  • Angela Russo, Grad Student, Trejo Lab, "Caveolin-1 Differentially Regulates Protease-specific Signaling by Protease-activated Receptor-1"
  • Mohammed A. Zayed, Grad Student, Parise Lab, "C1B1 Contributes to Various Forms of Pathological Angiogenesis"
  • Emily Zhou, Grad Student, Harden Lab, "Human PLC-η2 is directly activated by heterotrimeric G protein β1γ2 dimer"