UNC PM&R Resident Alumni Perspectives

This page gives insights into the tradition of the UNC PM&R Residency Program, including local and global outreach.

Peru Trip - 1
Drs. Mehta, Lee (PM&R Chair) and Campbell
on a mission to Peru, 2009

“We have a dynamic group of attendings who are very interested in ensuring that we develop into great physicians AND continue as happy people.”
—Hannah Messer, MD, Chief Resident 2010-2011

“Rehabilitation services are in need in underdeveloped countries and one day I hope to be able to participate more broadly in public health programs.
Julia Bryson, MD, 2009 Graduate

“All of the residents have a great relationship with
each other which I have come to find out is
what really matters.

—Tracy Kent, MD, 2010 Graduate

“I have a passion for community outreach,
and UNC is a hospital dedicated to
making a difference in the community.”

—Brooke Morgan, 2012 Graduate

“I enjoy helping patients rebuild their lives after adversity. I have found the strength of the human spirit never more apparent than during rehabilitation.”
—Christie Campbell, DO, 2010 Graduate

“Ultimately what most impressed me about UNC was that I felt most at home here, starting from the day of my interview. The residents were diversified, fun to be around, intelligent, and most of all, happy.”
—Madhu Mehta, MD, 2009 Graduate,
Chief Resident 2008-2009

“There is no field that better allows a physician to act as an advocate for his patients, helping them to accomplish the things that are most important to them.”
—William Filer, MD, Co-Chief Resident 2011-2012

“My interest in rehabilitation was spawned by my relationship with my older brother, Stephen, who has special needs. I believe the comprehensive team approach taken in rehabilitation helps to speed these children's return to a life of learning and playing.”
—Elizabeth Gersuk, DO, 2011 Graduate

Running/walking in Wake County, NC for brain injury patients
Residents’ Research Presentations
Residents have an opportunity to present
their research and cases.
The majority of lectures are by faculty.

“Patients with disabling injuries provide a unique window into the foundation of the human spirit. Being a part of their struggles and recovery allows one to experience true human emotion, endurance and tenacity.”
—Jason DeLuca, MD, 2009 Graduate

“We are a close group and are interested in the education of each other in order to become better physicians.”
—Justin Scruggs, MD, 2011 Graduate

“I verified that PM&R was for me after taking care of a quadriplegic patient on the rehabilitation unit. This patient was so thrilled to make advances in the small things that most of us take for granted.”
—Wesley Ibazebo, MD, 2010 Graduate,
Chief Resident 2009-2010

“What sets UNC PM&R apart is its vision and potential as it moves forward and grows. I chose UNC because I believe in this vision and want to take part in the progression of the program.”
—Chris Bonzon, MD, Co-Chief Resident 2011-2012