Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds events within the department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

2016 - 2017 Academic Year PM&R Grand Rounds

All Grand Rounds are held in Bondurant Hall and begin at 8am.

DateLocationName and InstituteTopic
8/17/2016 G030 Karla Thompson, PhD (UNC PM&R) Neuropsychology Updates
9/21/2016 G030 Alan Finkel, MD (Carolina Headache Institute) Post-traumatic Head Injury and Headache
10/19/2016 G030 Loree Kalliainen, MD (UNC Plastics) Brachial Plexus Reinnervation
11/16/2016 G030 Allyson Lawless (UNC Legal) UNC Legal and PM&R
12/21/2016 G100 Brittany Waddell, MS, RD, LDN (UNC Nutrition) Inpatient Rehab and Nutrition
1/18/2017 G100 Raj Telhan, MD (UNC PM&R) Medical Humanities and Clinical Practice 
2/15/2017 G100 Enrique Galang, MD (UNC PM&R) Knee Pain Treatments
3/15/2017 G030 William Marston, MD (UNC Vascular Surgery) Wound Care
4/19/2017 G100 Angela Lipscomb-Hudson, MD (UNC PM&R) Weight Loss Management in Rehab
5/17/2017 G030 Denis Marcellin-Little, DVM (NC State) Osseointegration and Joint Replacement
6/16/2017 Friday Center

PGY-4 Graduating Residents and

T-32 Graduating Fellows


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