Acupuncture Following Stroke

Acupuncture Following Stroke click to enlarge Dr. Jongbae "J." Park

Jongbae Park, KMD, PhD, LAc, spoke to members of the UNC Stroke Support Group in July 2009. Dr. Park presented two case studies, which demonstrate how stroke patients may experience significant improvement from disability after receiving acupuncture and acupressure.

After a stroke, survivors may notice flaccidity or spasticity. Flaccidity is the loss of muscle movement, including weakness, lack of tone and muscle atrophy. Spasticity is stiffness of the muscles and can be severe (painful muscle spasms).

Dr. Park distributed a pamphlet which describes our acupuncture program, and outlines the two case studies. The pamphlet also includes a graphic that shows physical impairments and their mechanism, which patients may experience after stroke.

For more information, also see acupuncture under our patient services.