Conference Expands Residents' Knowledge, Networking

Conference Expands Residents' Knowledge, Networking click to enlarge University of Texas’ Gerard Francisco, MD, speaks about traumatic brain injury rehabilitation at a State of the Art conference.

The Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation hosts a yearly State of the Art Conference each spring. Michael Y. Lee, MD, MHA, department chair, welcomes state and national speakers from an array of sub-specialties in the field. Residents also have the opportunity to meet faculty and colleagues from participating universities, including Emory University, the University of Virginia, East Virginia Medical Center, East Carolina University and others.

The conference features special topics in physical medicine and rehabilitation, including a comprehensive review and an overview of new developments in the field. The curriculum rotates each year, covering all topics in PM&R every two years.

“It was great to have so much input and sharing of knowledge by speakers from across the southeast,” said Wesley Ibazebo, MD, chief resident at UNC PM&R. “I was able to get more exposure to interventional spine procedures.”

Amanda Trucksess, MD, who completed her residency at the University of Virginia, noted the advantage for graduating residents as well: “This conference was a great segway to my work in a large, community-based practice,” she said. “The lectures on back pain management, among others, were directly applicable to my career path.”

The department appreciates Allergan's continued support of unrestricted educational programs. For information about other educational opportunities, also see our residency pages.