Families Win Stay at Accessible Beach House for Most Pledges

Congratulations to the following teams for raising the most funds for the Run, Walk & Roll:


Tristan Rock Star Hope for Lakelann
Tristan Rock Star Hope for Lakelann

For their efforts, these two teams each won a one-week stay at an ocean-front beach house, thanks to the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Hal and Ann Scott.

“The idea of a place we could spend time as a family in a house that Tristan would have total access to sounded like a dream,” says Tristan’s mother, Rachel Pack, of the team Tristan Rock Star. “I know the memories we made at the race and the ones we will make at the accessible beach house will stay with us forever. Things like this just give me fuel and energy to tackle the next hurdle.”

Joe Dew, father of Bryson from Team Tristan Rock Star, adds: “We have found Dr. Alexander to be dedicated to our son, to his well-being and to finding ways to help him live a rich, engaged and enjoyable life. We see him attempting to do this for virtually every patient who walks through his door and asks for help.”

“Times are tough,” Dew continues, “but we have found that most people give from the heart no matter what kind of shape their wallet might be in.”

“We were very humbled by the entire experience,” says Shannon Bennett of the team Hope for Lakelann. “We received overwhelming support from friends, family, and strangers, along with a number of people who showed up to participate in the event to support Dr. Alexander's efforts. During these uncertain economic times, we never expected to be in the running for one of the prizes and we were touched to know how many cared. It makes all the difference to have people rally around you when loved ones are sick or struggling.”

Bennett adds about her family’s stay at the beach house: “Our spirits were high and for a short while our worry and fatigue were swept away. The ramps and the elevator made life easy for us for a whole week and I'm sure Lakelann felt the tensions release too. I am so grateful to the Scotts for donating their beautiful haven.”

Donations, sponsorships and registrations from the first Run Walk & Roll, held May 30, 2009, raised nearly $25,000, and will help all pediatric rehabilitation programs within the UNC Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. Pediatric rehabilitation programs include TelAbility/WATCH, the Cerebral Palsy Clinic and the Spina Bifida Clinic.

Run Walk and Roll LogoFor more information, see our Pediatric Rehabilitation Services and the TelAbility web site. To make a donation, contact Nicole Pratapas via email or call 919.966.8494. Read more about the event from our interview with runner Nathan Baker.