PMR Outpatient Clinic Recognized for Excellence

PMR Outpatient Clinic Recognized for Excellence click to enlarge Pictured from left to right: Susan Carter, RN, CRRN; Kristen Lewis, patient relations; Philip Austin, volunteer; Miklos Harris, patient relations; Dolores Parker, nurse assistant; Susan Evers, MPH, FACHE, associate chair for administration.

The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Outpatient Clinic recently received the designation of "most improved ambulatory clinic" for the largest gain in patient satisfaction scores, as measured in the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2011, from July to September, 2010.

The following representatives from UNC Physicians and Associates, Ambulatory Care Administration, presented a poster to the clinic in November 2010: Dr. Donald Spencer, MD, the newly-appointed medical director and vice president of Ambulatory Care; David Bauer, MPH, director of Ambulatory Care Administration; Tom Hartley, MS, RN, CENP, director of Ambulatory Care Clinical Services.

"PM&R consistently receives high patient satisfaction scores," Bauer notes. "The quality of care, concern and compassion for their patients is clearly recognized by all who work in the clinic. Thank you all so much for your continued effort in patient satisfaction."

The clinic also ranked in the top five during Fiscal Year 2009-2010.