Team Tristan Rock Star: Promoting Compassion

Team Tristan Rock Star: Promoting Compassion click to enlarge Bryson meets Stormy, the Carolina Hurricanes mascot, at the 2010 Run Walk & Roll

Rachel Pack, of team Tristan Rock Star, remembers the first time she took her son, Tristan, to see Joshua Alexander, MD, at UNC Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He had asked her how she was doing, as the mom. “It put me at ease,” she recalls. “It made me realize that I had walked into the office of a doctor who was going to change our lives, and he did.”

Motivated by this compassion, Pack and her team again participated in this year’s Run Walk & Roll, held May 1.

In fact, team Tristan Rock Star once more raised the most funds, winning a week’s stay at an accessible beach house.

“Last summer at the beach house was the most relaxed, stress-free, and fun trip we have ever been on,” Pack says. “The accessible beach house gave us a place where we felt ‘normal’ - just a family on vacation in a house that seemed to be made for them instead of made against them.”

“My heart was full with love and sheer joy as I watched my three children play on the beach and my husband relax in the sand,” Pack continues. “All I can say is thank you, thank you to everyone who made it possible for our family to spend another week at this little piece of heaven and true paradise.”

Joe Dew, also from Team Tristan Rock Star, relates his son Bryson’s enthusiasm for the Run Walk and Roll: “This is the one charitable event my son has been totally engaged in from the start. He began the fundraising on his own, seeking out neighbors, friends and family for donations. He understood, from the start, he was helping other kids who face the same kinds of challenges he faces.”

“Dr. Alexander is my go-to-guy for Bryson's problems,” Dew relates. “I rely on him for guidance with everything from the latest need Bryson has to how trustworthy a new procedure or a new doctor or a new medicine might be.”

“Beyond that kind of clinical assessment,” he adds, “Dr. Alexander is always looking for ways to build a sense of community and to educate the rest of the world about children like my own. My overriding goal for my son is to learn how to give back more than he takes in every phase of his life. Dr. Alexander's style of caring for him and for others enhances every aspect of such a lifelong goal.”

Dr. Alexander observes: “It's been a pleasure and an honor for me to get to know the Dew and Pack families. Their love and support for their children is wonderful to see, and the extra effort they make to improve the lives of other families is exemplary. They truly make the world a better place for all our children. We are in their debt for the support they have given back to us through their involvement in the Run Walk and Roll.”

Juliellen Simpson-Vos, project director for TelAbility, notes of Team Tristan Rock Star, "We are so grateful for their support and contributions to the Run Walk & Roll. Families like the Packs and the Dews are at the heart of this event. Their strength, energy and service demonstrate how children with special needs and their families can overcome many obstacles and in fact be instrumental in enhancing the lives of other children with disabilities."

“Hal and Miriam Scott generously donated the wheel chair accessible beach home,” Simpson-Vos adds. “Mr. Scott recently passed away, and our thoughts and condolences go out to the family. We are grateful for their ongoing support of this event.”