Acupuncture Program

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View a video about the effectiveness of acupuncture from
the perspective of one of Dr. Park's patients. See also acupuncture for orofacial pain and paresthesia.

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Program & Goals

The Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation offers an evidence-based acupuncture program serving patients with conditions including acute and chronic pain, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, sprains, and for other conditions which may be treated after consultation.

PM&R Faculty Providing Acupuncture Services

Jongbae Park, KMD, PhD, LAc
Paul Thananopavarn, MD


Services are provided by appointment at the Center for Rehabilitation Care of Chapel Hill at the Center for Rehabilitation Care of Chapel Hill:
1807 N. Fordham Blvd.
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Phone: 984.974.9747
Fax: 984.974.9786


View educational materials from Dr. Park's community talk on Acupuncture for Healthy Aging.

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