Graduate Courses in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

All of our graduate mindfulness courses are offered to those who have completed an 8-week basic or foundation mindfulness course. Graduate courses meet once a week for 4-8 weeks, and class time ranges from 2-2.5 hours. There is no required orientation session for the graduate courses. Any necessary class materials or handouts will be provided and outside readings may be recommended.

Mindful 2

The Heart Opens: Cultivating Compassion with Lovingkindness Practice

As we recognize the universality of human suffering we learn to cultivate mindfulness and kindness and our hearts open, first to ourselves and then to others. We will practice with the ancient phrases of Lovingkindness offered towards ourselves, to all Beings everywhere and to 3 specific categories of people in our lives: those who are easy to love, neutral people we know, and the ones we find most difficult to love.  We will learn how the heart can soften and open even when it feels resistant and threatened. Underpinning this work will be our practices of mindful awareness while sitting, breathing, walking, and stretching.

Dates:TBA for spring 2015

· Instructor: Mary Love May

· Location: 

· Cost: $300 

To register,to Questions?  Phone 919-966-8586.

Four Foundations of Mindfulness

The practice of meditation is the oldest relaxation technique known to human kind. Today, Mindfulness Meditation is widely used as a means to increase focus of attention in the present moment thus allowing our innate calmness and clarity of mind to come forth. This is a great aid in responding skillfully to the stressors in our lives. Historically, Mindfulness Meditation is based upon Four Foundations: Mindfulness of the Body, Mindfulness of Feelings, Mindfulness of Mind, and Mindfulness of Mind Objects. 

DATES: Wednesday, October 1 -November 5, 2014:  6:00 - 8:00 pm.

                 Skipping Oct. 29th         

· Instructor: John Orr

· Location: 107 UNC School of Social Work

· Cost: $275

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 Questions?  Phone 919-966-8586.



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