Lund Lab - Images

Figure 1. A. Gross image of tumors in small intestine from an APCMin/+ mouse, taken using a Leica dissecting scope with whitelight optics. B. Immunoflouresence for the stem cell biomarker SOX9 shows localization of stem cells to the base of the jejunal crypts in APCMin/+ mice. C. Image from a new biochromoendoscopy method developed in the Lund lab showing that video-capsules used for non-invasive endoscopy can be combined with near infrared fluorescent (NIRF) probe to detect adenomatous polyps in intestine of APCMin/+ mice (arrow).  D. Image collected from colonoscopy on a mouse model of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).  Arrow indicates a lesion typical of a flat tumor associated with IBD.