Get Involved...

...With PIG!

This year we will bring in doctors, residents, and students from different aspects of pediatric medicine to give you a chance to ask questions and figure out what's out there.  But your support is needed!  Have a great idea for a meeting?  Know of some group outside of campus that your classmates would also be interested in?  Shoot us an email.


...With Fun Factory!

While not one and the same, PIG and Fun Factory share similar goals of connecting med students to the world of pediatrics.  Fun Factory is a student organization that plays with kids who are patients in the UNC Children's and Cancer Hospitals.  For more info and a chance to get involved, check out their web page.


...With SHAC Well-Child!

SHAC holds Well-Child clinics several times a semester.  This is a wonderful opportunity to interact with kids and hone your pediatric interviewing and physical exam skills.  Never done a well-child exam before?  SHAC Well-Child is a great place to start! Contact SHAC to get involved.


...With the NC Pediatric Society!

The NC Pediatric Society, the profesesional organization for pediatricians in NC, has a Young Physicians group and sponsors events geared towards medical students during their conferences.  Keep an eye out for the chance to attend one of their events, and in the meanwhile, visit

Know of other opportunities in the Triangle area or beyond? Let us know!