To-Do List and Count-down



To-Do List and Count-down


  • Identify the one person who will be responsible for the move. This person will be the primary contact with the PO and the movers, etc and must be able to sign for insurance forms, etc.
  • Create an inventory of items to move (give examples, large equipment not pencils)
  • List any and all special requirements you have for moving (For example, -80 freezers, certain centrifuges models, water filtration units require plumbing fixtures, some equipment requires emergency power, etc.)
  • Identify all people who are moving, the rooms they are moving to and from and the target date(s) for your move.
  • Identify the locations of all phone and data jacks in your new space (how? On a drawing?)
  • Identify and contact any manufacturer for special equipment moves (for example certain microscopes may need manufacturer assistance or support during the move)
  • Identify any alarm systems that need to be relocated or reprogrammed (for example, do any of your freezers automatically page the public safety office if their power fails?
  • Identify what air, gas and vacuum connections need to be disconnected and reconnected.
  • Identify how many gas cylinder restraints are required and where they should be located on a printed room layout. Room layouts are available from the Planning Office.
  • Notify Health and safety about the move. They must move ALL chemicals and need to schedule their time.
  • Notify Health and safety (Contact Ray Hackney at 962-5712) regarding radiation and decontamination of fume and tissue hoods.
  • All desks and larger filing cabinets must be empty and contents boxed up or they may be damaged during the move. The exception is that any vertical cabinet up to 15” wide, 28” deep and 5 draws high can be moved when full.
  • All small items should be packed in boxes. Boxes and packing materials are available from the mover.
  • ALL items must be labeled, including such items as desks, boxes, equipment, freezers, etc. Labels will be provided by the movers.
  • The planning office will need all of your old keys. Please label them with their room number.
  • The planning office will provide you with all your new keys.
  • The planning office will make all changes to your building access cards. Note
  • The movers will require a signoff after the move from a responsible party.
  • The planning office will hire the movers for you if the planning office is responsible for the move.
  • The amounts and coverage dates for insurance are negotiable and NOT automatically set. You MUST work with the mover on these details. No-one else can do this for you.
  • Boxes, packing materials and labels are not free. The planning office will pay for these items if the office is responsible for the move. Your department must pay for supplies in all other circumstances.
  • Surplus items must be handled by the department manager.

As soon as you know moving date(s)…

  • Identify and contact potential movers (the planning office can provide support).
  • Negotiate a moving contract and insurance (the planning office can provide support).
  • Contact University Mail Services to notify them of the moving date and location.  Request a new mailbox.
  • Contact the health and safety department (Stephanie Foster at 962-5723) regarding any and all chemicals and tissue samples that are to be moved.
  • Start laying out the new space (the planning office can provide floor plans).
  • Contact telecommunications regarding all new phone and data jacks (the planning office can provide support).
  • Contact plumbing to layout and install air, gas and vacuum lines (the planning office can provide support).
  • Contact electrical about outlets and special needs (the planning office can provide support).
  • Contact Carolina Copy about moving your copier machine.
  • Begin your inventory.

One week before the move…

  • Contact scientific store room to have gas cylinders relocated the day of the move
  • Contact carpenters to have new gas cylinder restrains installed

The day before the move…


  • Incubators have to be drained

The day of the move…

  • One person must be in charge of sensitive equipment (for example, this person would make sure that freezers are plugged in and working at the final location).
  • The movers come and move everything.
  • The primary contact will be asked to sign any final paperwork from the movers.