General Questions

What are the facilities codes used to classify space?
All space is classified using codes from the North Carolina Facilities Inventory and Utilization Manual. Three different codes are used:

  • RUCS (Room Use Category Structure) which categorizes space for inventory purposes,
  • PCS (Program Classification Structure) which classifies space based on the institution mission or objective and
  • HEGIS (Higher Education General Information Survey) which categorizes space on academic discipline.

Can I obtain a copy of the N.C. Facilities Inventory & Utilization Manual?
This manual is available on-line for your use.

Do we need to notify the Planning Office about a renovation?
There is no need to contact the Planning Office for minor renovations (for example, adding network cabling and data jacks, adding electrical outlets or adding plumbing fixtures).

You must contact the Planning Office if you plan more substantial renovations (for example, removing or adding walls). We will work with you to ensure that all requirements are met for items such as safety, air flow, and zoning.