More About Mental Health
The site offers education, practical knowledge, and discussion boards, as well as basic and scholarly information. It includes access to a free newsletter, current news relating to schizophrenia, and book reviews.
The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
Search keyword "schizophrenia" in the National Library of Medicine to access a comprehensive overview of issues relevant to the topic, ranging from basic education to coping strategies and research.
This site was created by Canadian psychiatrist Phillip W. Long, and is appropriate for individuals interested in learning more about schizophrenia. Information on the site identifies symptoms and provides descriptions of the disorder. The site also offers links to a comprehensive selection of external resources, including research articles and video clips.
This web site is intended for clients and caregivers, and presents recent developments in the field of schizophrenia with an emphasis on connecting the mental health community.
Schizophrenia Digest is a printed, quarterly magazine founded by a man with schizophrenia. The magazine explores recent developments in the field. This web site offers resources that complement information presented in the magazine.
This site is directed toward family and friends, but is a useful resource for anyone interested in learning more about schizophrenia. The web site also has a question and answer section, weblogs, videos, and book reviews.
This web resource provides education about schizophrenia from the perspective of the field of psychology. The site also presents information about interventions, including psychotherapy and medications.