Critical Time Intervention (CTI) Program

Assisting individuals with mental illness transition to the community

Critical Time Intervention (CTI) is a case management program for individuals who have a serious mental illness and are experiencing a ‘critical transition’

Eligible transitions include:

  • Discharge from a hospital
  • Release from incarceration
  • Transition age youth
  • Transition to community living
  • Transition to housing after homelessness

The program lasts for nine months, and includes three- three month phases. The intensity of services decreases over time.

We emphasize outreach, assertive engagement and flexibility and keep goals simple, related to the transition, and identified by our clients.  Goal areas can be related to:

  • Treatment
  • Housing stability
  • Benefits
  • Financial/budgeting
  • Building of formal and informal support systems. 

We do not consider ourselves a provider, but a program that helps link individuals to long-term providers and supports.  Along the way, we help our clients develop skills and knowledge to strengthen their ability to work on goals more independently over time.

Contact:  Janice Bainbridge, MSW, LCSW, Team Leader