Integrated Care

Improving health outcomes and quality of life

Recent studies have shown that people with severe mental illnesses die earlier than the general population, mainly because of poorly recognized and treated physical health conditions and illnesses. It is also increasingly recognized that co-occurring physical and behavioral (mental) illnesses contribute disproportionately to the high cost of medical care.

There is growing interest in developing models of integrated care for people with mental illness, which will improve health outcomes and quality of life, while reducing overall costs.

The Center's integrated care is supported by a SAMSHA grant (2014).

Robin Reed MDRobin Reed, MD, MPH
Medical Director of Integrated Care and the Health Home





Rupal Yu, MD,MPH
Primary Care Physician

Princess Douglas-Williams
Nurse Care Manager

Sara Snyder,RN
Registered Nurse

Research Staff

Gary Cuddeback, PhD, MSW, MPH
Assistant Professor, School of Social Work and Department of Psychiatry
Director, Community Outcomes Research and Evaluation Center, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Research Fellow, Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research
(919) 962-4363 (Social Work)
(919) 966-0995 (Sheps Center)

Osiris RankinOsiris Rankin, BA
Research Assistant


Mr. Rankin works as a research assistant for the longitudinal evaluation of Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration project. This federally funded evaluation investigates specific ways in which health care integration may improve clients’ physical and mental health and overall recovery. Rankin’s day-to-day work focuses on recruiting participants, collecting outcomes, managing and analyzing data, and reporting results. Prior to working at the Center, he contributed to research investigating the relationship between various psychosocial factors (e.g., susceptibility to peer influence) and individuals’ symptoms of depression, self-injurious behaviors, and other health risk behaviors. Rankin is a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate. He joined the Center in 2014.