Brushes with Life, Art, Artists and Mental Illness

Supporting Recovery. Challenging Stigma.


With treatment, what was once a disordered place has become a place of calm. With art, what was closed off gives the promise of hope.

Brushes with Life is a creative arts program for people in treatment OASIS and STEP; members of Club Nova, a local clubhouse for persons with mental illness; and other select community programs in the Chapel Hill area.

Through the creation of visual art, poetry, film, and music, participants find healing and move toward recovery. By connecting with the larger community around their work, they promote a broader understanding of the human side of mental illness.

Artists select a wide range of media to convey their ideas and feelings. They further their talents by participating in program-sponsored art classes. They have opportunities to share their work in the Brushes with Life gallery and in traveling exhibitions.

Gallery organizers include hospital staff, patient artists, family members, community volunteers, and mental health professionals.

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