Education and Training Staff


Shane Rau, MD, PhD Associate Medical DirectorShane W. Rau, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Director, Medical Education
Clinical Director, NCPRC
Associate Medical Director, Wake STEP Clinic

 Dr. Rau is an assistant professor in the UNC Department of Psychiatry and serves multiple roles for the Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health (CECMH).  He is this associate medical director of the new UNC STEP Community Clinic, Wake County (aka Wake STEP), which serves approximately 500 patients with severe mental illness. Dr. Rau is also the clinical director of the North Carolina Psychiatric Research Center (NCPRC). Wake STEP and the NCPRC are working together to provide high quality care for persons with severe mental illness and to generate clinical trials and health services research to improve health care options for these individuals.  In addition, Dr. Rau continues in his role as director of Medical Education for the Center. Through this role, he works with  Center colleagues to develop and maintain a curriculum regarding the treatment of psychotic disorders and the area of community psychiatry for UNC Psychiatry resident physicians.