News in the Mental Health System

$400 Million-Boost-In-Budget-for Mental Health
Doctors Unionize to Resist the Medical Machine
Why People With Mental Illness Are Able to Obtain Guns
Obama’s playbook for gun control relies on enforcing many existing laws
Programs Expand Schizophrenic Patients’ Role in Their Own Care
Prisons seek funds for mentally ill; lawmakers might give half
Senate Medicaid compromise bill gets cool reception in House
North Carolina Medicaid: $131M in available end-of-year cash
DHHS Secretary Wos resigns
HIPPA's use as code of silence often misinterprets the law
North Carolina governor announces mental health task force
Obama health care law survives second Supreme Court fight
Hospitals, colleges lobby against Senate tax proposal
After Supreme Court ruling, no plans to expand Medicaid in NC
Violent psychiatric patient exposes policy, communication lapses in Rex ER
Tuesday's vote over Dorothea Dix site to cap 13 years of debate
North Carolina's Gun laws would rasie more risk to all
More mental health need as cases swamps the emergency room
Brakes put on Medicaid bill
Indiana will allow entry to Medicaid for a price
New hope for deal on Medicaid
Medicaid often criticized quite popular with its customers
Cummings named North Carolina's new Medicaid Director
Dr. Courtney Cantrell Assumes Duties as Division of MH/DD/SAS Director
Blocking NC’s Medicaid expansion takes a heavy toll
Medicare to start paying doctors who coordinate needs of chronically ill patients
As expected, McCory signs budget
Art Pope stepping down as budget director
Fourth Annual Medical Directors' Symposium focuses on leadership and outcomes
NC budget deal includes teacher raises, but no Medicaid overhaul
Some defendants languish in jail
Critical Condition: The trouble with Medicaid Part 2 NC Medicaid office in disarray
Critical Condition: The Trouble with Medicaid | Part 1 of 2 Medicaid: Is 'broken' a bad rap?
House-Senate strike deal on Medicaid
Online psychotherapy gains fans and raises privacy concerns
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McCory plans for budget impass
News and Observer article
McCory directs budget cuts
WRAL news
UNC TV, NC Now, Part 1,Mental Health:Crisis in North Carolina
UNC TV's NC Now, Part 3, Mental Health: Crisis in North Carolina
How the NC House and NC Senate budget proposals differ
From the News and Observer
Can therapists prevent violence
New York Times article
Senate budget shifts Medicaid to new state agency
News and Observer
Senate cuts would cut elderly
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The divide over mental health treatment
Mental Health Crisis
USA Today Article
Legislature won't adopt Medicaid
NC legislators question 3 million no bid contractor at DHHS
Seven prison workers resign over death of inmate with mental illness
News and Observer article
State rejects bid for Dix land
News and Observer article
McCrory asks for cost cutting
From the News and Observer
NC lawmakers grill DHHS-Wos
News and Observer article
State tries again to fix the Medicaid Problem
Published in the Herald Sun
New deputy named at DHHS
NC Medicaid overhaul steers from privatization (WRAL)
NC Public Health Chief also to oversee Mediciad
Centerpoint says mandate on housing for the mentally ill too hard to meet
Mental-health groups move toward consolidation
Unauthorized wavier adds millions to Medicaid costs
From the News and Observer
New studies: Medicaid opt-out costly fo North Carolina=
No where to go: Youth in crisis CBS 60 minutes
Mental-health groups move toward consolidation
McCrory 2014 priorities: Energy, Education and Medicaid
Mentally Ill are often locked-up in jails that can't help
McCrory administration proposes new mental health initiative