UNC Institute for Best Practices

Helping adult individuals with severe mental illness live in their homes.


The  Center's program helps North Carolina respond to its settlement(2012) with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), by developing and implementing an overall plan for using multidisciplinary ACT teams throughout the state. Specifically, the DOJ settlement requires that individuals with severe mental illness have access to ACT teams that are following a nationally recognized model.

ACT teams include psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, substance abuse specialists and other specialists who help adult individuals with severe mental illness live in their homes instead of institutions. They provide an array of services, from delivering daily medications to helping individuals find and maintain safe and affordable housing.

With its own well-respected ACT team, UNC comes to the table with a great deal of expertise and will provide training to help develop high-performing ACT teams throughout North Carolina. There are approximately 90 ACT teams in North Carolina that may vary in operation and ACT model.

For information:  Lorna Moser, PhD or Stacy Smith, M ED LPC