Shane W. Rau, M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and Clinical Director at NC Psychiatric Research Center




Phone: (919) 966-8035


B.A., Transylvania University
Ph.D., University of Kentucky College of Medicine
M.D., University of Kentucky College of Medicine
Residency in Psychiatry, University of Virginia Health System


Summary Statement:

Dr. Rau’s current research interest centers on improving the clinical care of persons who suffer severe and persistent mental illness. The NCPRC, a program of the UNC Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health (CECMH) is currently conducting a number of studies with a primary focus on adjuvant treatments for schizophrenia and related psychotic disorders. Some current projects include: CECMH Outcomes Management System (OMS): This infrastructure project is being managed by a workgroup that is chaired by Dr. Rau. The goal is to develop an integrated OMS that will integrate the collection, management, and utilization of clinical, administrative, and stakeholder data for the purposes of continuous quality improvement (CQI) as well as research for the CECMH. He has been working to determine a common set of outcomes data, an efficient system of collecting this data, and a system of organizing and redistributing the data in a way that is meaningful, secure, and flexible. COPE (Consultation Outcomes Project): This project is designed to study the effects of an expert psychiatric consultation on the service utilization of persons suffering severe and persistent mental illness. Subjects were enrolled in this project after receiving a psychiatric consultation via the NCPRC. The primary outcome is a measure of service utilization. Researchers will compare subjects’ service utilization during the year prior to their consultation vs. the two year study period post-consultation. They hypothesize that the consultation process will lead to an improvement in service utilization via a shift toward more efficient, lower cost care.

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