Rebecca Knickmeyer Santelli, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Santelli, Rebecca 2013


Phone: (919) 966-2216

Fax: (919) 966-8994



B.A., Goucher College
Ph.D., University of Cambridge
Postdoctoral Training: The Neurodevelopmental Disorders Research Center and Department of Psychiatry, UNC-Chapel Hill


Research Interests:

Knickmeyer’s lab is committed to undertaking cutting- edge research that will contribute to theoretical advances in our understanding of neurodevelopment disorders through the integration of pediatric neuroimaging with genetic, behavioral, and endocrine methodologies. In particular, Dr. Knickmeyer’s research addresses the mechanisms which modulate the differential vulnerability to and expression of neurodevelopment disorders in each sex and the role which common and rare genetic variation plays in explaining individual differences in neurodevelopmental trajectories across the critical transition period of infancy and early childhood. She is currently leading a project which is applying cutting-edge techniques in genomics to a sample of 900 children who received high-resolution MRI of the brain at two weeks of age and utilizing next-generation sequencing to identify rare variants influencing brain development. She is also using MRI to characterize sexual differentiation of the brain, to evaluate the effects of prenatal exposure to antidepressant medications, and to study infants with Turner Syndrome, a remarkable participant group who can help us determine the role of sex hormones and X-chromosome genes on early brain development.

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