Text-messaging for the Treatment of Childhood Overweight

This LINC (Linking Interventions for Children) funded investigation utilizes text message-based self monitoring and automated feedback to treat childhood overweight in the context of the family. Overweight children and a parent input self-monitoring about sugar sweetened beverages, screen time, and activity level into a cell phone and receive immediate tailored automated feedback based on their behavior that day. We are conducting a clinical trial comparing text messaging based feedback with traditional paper and pencil self-monitoring versus usual care for overweight children ages 5-8.

Link to the study website here.

Publications from this study:

1. Shapiro, J.R., Bauer, S., Hamer, R.M., Kordy, H., Ward, D., Bulik, C.M. (2008) Use of text messaging for monitoring sugar-sweetened beverages, physical activity, and screen time in children: a pilot study. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 40, 385-91. PMID: 18984496. PMC2592683.