The Taking Care of Our Own Program

"Physicians are people too" -- the UNC Taking Care of Our Own Program for physician wellness and burnout prevention

No one is immune to the effects of stressful life and work circumstances.  Physicians, both resident and attending, work long hours under high stress situations, are subject to sleep deprivation, and during extremely busy work hours, may even have difficulty finding time to manage basic bodily needs.  Add to that the burdens of trying to ease other people’s suffering, cope with sadness and loss, and calm patients' and families' fears, and the combination can lead to burnout syndrome or other manifestations of stress. Burnout syndrome is a growing problem among practicing physicians and is defined as a constellation of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and loss of perspective that work is meaningful. If you are struggling in some way with burnout syndrome or other issues, you aren’t alone and don’t need to suffer in silence.

Recognizing that our physicians at UNC may need help from time to time to cope with the challenges of their professional journey, Dr. Samantha Meltzer-Brody, with the generous support of the Sanders Clinical Scholars Program, began a program called “Taking Care of Our Own.” This program provides education, confidential support, advice, and if needed, appropriate professional referral for individual mental or physical help that meets your needs. For information about scheduling an appointment or inquiries regarding scheduling a lecture, please contact one of the following, and click here for the program brochure.