Clinical Services


We provide legal and mental health professionals expertise and consultation within the following areas:


  • Criminal Forensic Assessment - Competence to Stand Trial, Competence to Waive Miranda Rights, Mental State at Time of Offense/ Insanity, Dangerousness/Violence Risk Assessment, Death Penalty Evaluations, Treatment amenability, Malingering
  • Civil Forensic Assessment - Psychological Injury/ emotional distress/ PTSD, Competence to Refuse Treatment, Competence to Manage Finances, Testamentary Capacity, Disability Evaluations, Workers Compensation Claims, Guardianship Hearings, Fitness for duty evaluations, Independent Medical Evaluations
  • Expert Testimony - Medical Malpractice, Negligent Release, Psychological Autopsy, Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology Research



Sally C. Johnson, M.D.

Michelle Cueva, Ph.D.


Please contact the UNC Department of Psychiatry Forensic Program & Clinic directly at (919) 972-7459 to discuss evaluation fees.