Amy Jordan, BSN, RN-BC appointed Nurse Manager at Wakebrook

Message from Dr. Barbara-Ann Bybel


I am pleased to announce the appointment of Amy Jordan, BSN, RN-BC, to the Nurse Manager position of the inpatient psychiatric unit at the Wakebrook Campus beginning July 1st.


She has been a member of the 4NS management team in the CN4 capacity since October 2010 and has been instrumental in spearheading numerous unit initiatives and aesthetic updates; has been a driving force behind last year's Mission, Vision, Values roll-out and was a service wide Flu champion this past fall.  In addition, in the past two years she has received a Plus Person Award, an Inspiring Nurse Leader Award and has undertaken the design and eventual instillation of the Sensory Room that will be located on gero.  A member of numerous committees that she is involved in, she has led the CPG group to new and exciting achievements; has inspired nursing students during their clinical rotations, and brings enthusiasm to the entire service in her role on the Recognition Committee by organizing the service wide picnic which will have its 2nd annual event June.


Join us in congratulating Amy on her promotion to PSMIII for the Wakebrook campus and know that she will still be a part of our UNC family.