UNC Hosts the 2014 Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation “Games”

On January 31-February 1, the University of North Carolina proudly hosted the 2014 Klingenstein Games.  Named for its primary benefactor, the Games are a national event that gives medical students and their child psychiatry resident and faculty mentors an opportunity to share student research and to learn more about child psychiatry in a collegial, supportive setting.  Participating medical schools including Harvard, Yale, Brown, Stanford, Mayo, Mount Sinai, University of Vermont, University of Illinois-Chicago, University of California-Davis and UNC have been selected for the program based on excellence in mentoring, recruitment and provision of early clinical exposure of medical students to child and adolescent psychiatry.

It is a particular honor to be selected to host the Games, and, thanks to an outstanding team of students, residents and Drs. Bashford and Malloy (not to mention the North Carolina barbecue and Southern hospitality), the 2014 Klingenstein Games were a success.   Dr. Robert Bashford provided, as hoped, a humorous welcome to the nearly 50 attendees.  Posters and oral presentations by students from seven of the nine participating schools included our own Julia Katz, Rushil Patel, Elise Stephenson and Katie Weinel, with Drs. Joe Piven, Lin Sikich, Jonathan Gerkin and Jason Tatreau as co-authors.  Drs. Bethany Geib-Rosch, Brittany Rodgers and Rebecca Taylor led an interactive resident panel discussion. An admirable performance in the Egg Drop competition edged Harvard ahead as winners of the 2014 Games trophy.

Many thanks go to the Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation,  the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, the Carolina Inn, Top of the Hill and in addition to those mentioned, to students Brandon Goodman, Elise Stephenson, Christina Dean and Katie Weinel.