NAPLS II: Predictors and Mechanisms of Conversion to Psychosis


Protocol# 08-1448
Principal Investigator: Diana Perkins, MD, MPH


The purpose of this study is to increase our ability to identify patients at clinical high-risk for the development of a psychotic disorder and to investigate neurobiological changes that underlie the emergence of a psychotic disorder.


Major inclusion/exclusion criteria


  • 12 to 35 years old
  • no current or lifetime Axis I psychotic disorder
  • no central nervous system disorder
  • no current antipsychotic use (lifetime use ≤ 4 weeks)
  • no metal in the body (for brain imaging part-MRI)

Healthy Control Subjects

  • 12 to 35 years old
  • no current or past diagnosis of an Axis I disorder (e.g. mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, etc.)
  • no first degree relative with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, or any other disorder involving psychotic symptoms
  • no metal in the body (for brain imaging part-MRI).


Study Participation

Study participation will consist of an initial screening followed by 5 visits over 2 years. Study visits can be arranged around your schedule. Study participation will involve answering questions about your physical and mental health, computerized tests of memory, attention, social skills and problem solving ability, as well as EEG and MRI. A blood draw will occur at three of the visits. You will be monetarily compensated for your time spent in the study.

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