The MEDWELL program utilizes a clinician-extender model to provide behavioral medicine treatment to psychiatric and non-psychiatric patients referred with a variety of psychophysiological illnesses (i.e. pain syndromes, seizures, paroxysmal movement disorders, and tics) and stress-related disorders. The service offers treatment to many patients who would not otherwise seek consultation in a conventional psychiatric setting. Treatment modalities include a variety of self-regulation strategies assisted by biofeedback that help patients gain greater control over the psychophysiological components of their disorders. These treatment and training techniques complement the pharmacological and psychotherapeutic interventions received by many patients. Approximately 20% of the patients seen at MEDWELL are children.

Clinical Services

  • Consultation with physicians and other health professionals on the behavioral management of stress related medical and psychiatric disorders in children and adults.
  • Evaluation and case formulation based on behavioral, physiological, medical, pharmacological, psychometric, and cognitive data.
  • Short and intermediate term treatment protocols utilizing a variety of self regulation approaches including progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training, breathing re: training, systematic desensitization and cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Consultation in the Multidisciplinary Pain Clinic, Diabetes Clinics, Pediatric Endocrine Clinic, and Sleep Disorders Clinic.


Eric Jensen, MD
(919) 966-3378

Betty Wolfe, Certified Biofeedback Therapist
(919) 843-6373
Fax: (919) 843-6333    

MEDWELL is located at UNC Mental Health Specialists (110 Conner Drive, Suite 4, Chapel Hill, NC 27514).