Study Name: Second Generation Antipsychotic Treatment Indication Effectiveness And Tolerability In Youth Study


There are no plans to publish any papers regarding this study but a brief analysis has been completed. Each of the four participants who enrolled in the study had a different diagnosis: autism with co-morbid psychosis; major depressive disorder with psychotic features, autistic disorder and psychosis-NOS. All participants were antipsychotic (AP) naïve and were assessed prior to AP treatment and at follow up time points. All participants were prescribed risperidone (Risperdal®) for the duration of study participation and doses ranged from 0.25 mg to 6 mg daily. The duration of the study was 52 weeks, however only one participant completed a week 52 visit. Two participants completed week 36 visits (lost to follow up) and one participant completed a week 12 visit (moved to a different state). The following is the data that was collected on these for subjects for the above referenced visits (one week 12, one week 52 and two week 36). The data reported is mean change in values for the duration of treatment. Note: all labs are fasting.

Total Cholesterol


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