Administrative Core - Objectives and Aims

Co-Directors: Josephine Johns, PhD (UNC); Linda Mayes, MD (Yale); Associate Director/Project Administrator: Sheryl Moy, PhD (UNC)


Administrative Core - Schematic


The Administrative Core is the principal organizational component through which the Directors execute their responsibilities. This Core provides administrative and fiscal oversight and management to the Project’s components and investigators by performing a number of functions. These include grant management; review of project and core resources; core support; outreach and information dissemination; personnel management; scheduling and organization of various meetings; maintenance of information technology resources; and integration of basic and clinical research projects.

Specific Aims

The services of the core constitute the following aims:

  • Specific Aim 1. To provide direction, leadership and fiscal/administrative support to the individual scientific projects and cores of the overall program project.
  • Specific Aim 2. To establish and maintain information integration and dissemination between projects and cores and to assist in presentation of results to the scientific community.
  • Specific Aim 3. To enhance training opportunities for translational integration of clinical and basic neuroscience research for undergraduate, graduate, medical, and postdoctoral students.

Specific Functions

This core will provide administrative oversight of the project by performing the following functions:

  1. Serving as liaison to NIH program staff and the External and Internal Advisory Committee members, and facilitating communication between advisors and project personnel.
  2. Serving as a resource to centralize major clerical and administrative functions such as grant management, computer services and purchasing of materials. Also, maintaining an overall knowledge of assessment tools in all projects to assure file, information, and resource sharing among projects, when applicable.
  3. Assuring interactions among leaders and personnel of the projects and cores by coordinating: a) biannual discussion sessions involving project and core leaders, and members of the internal advisory boards; b) yearly scientific presentation series and various seminar presentations; c) biannual phone and teleconferences to discuss relevant issues, findings and needs; d) monthly discussions of the core directors concerning program progress or issues; e) monthly project reports, designed to maintain a consistent interactive dialogue between project investigators and core members.
  4. Evaluating the entire project and of research protocols within each project with input from internal and external advisors to assist in integration of basic and clinical research findings (from feedback at yearly and monthly meetings).
  5. Coordinating the dissemination of information, the maintenance of shared web resources, and the confirmation of server security for data transmission and storage (through interactions with our computer support department).
  6. Encouraging student participation and training opportunities within each project and core by advertising training opportunities for students on web resources funded by grants and UNC fellowships in departments and centers (Psychiatry, Psychology, Neurobiology, the Center for Alcohol Studies and the Neurodevelopmental Disorders Research Center, NDRC). Actively recruiting undergraduate and postdoctoral students for these projects is a priority, and students will be required to present data at meetings and seminars.


Administrative Core - Information Flow


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