Baby Brain Development Research Study

Help us learn about the effects of cigarette smoke on Baby Brain Development. We are currently enrolling pregnant women and new moms who smoked at any time during pregnancy, or lived with a smoker at any time during pregnancy. Participating in the study will take about five hours over the course of 3 visits to our UNC offices. Participants earn up to $230 for full participation.

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Interested in Participating?  

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Who is eligible to participate?

Currently, we are enrolling pregnant women and new moms who:   

  • Smoked at any time during your pregnancy, OR
  • Lived with a smoker at any time during pregnancy. 


Participating in the research study 

Participating in the Baby Brain Development Research study will take approximately 5 hours over the course of 3 visits to our UNC offices.  Here is what your involvement in the study will include:

  • Telephone Screening: A screening questionnaire will be done over the phone to determine if you are eligible for the study.

Duration: 15 minutes

  • Visit at 36-40 weeks pregnant: You will review and sign the consent form, complete simple questionnaires about demographics, lifestyle, and intended method of infant feeding, and answer a few questions to assess the timing and frequency of nicotine exposure during pregnancy. You will also participate in a reasoning and intelligence assessment. We will collect a sample of hair (just 20 strands, not noticeable) and lastly, we will take a measure of expiratory carbon monoxide.

Duration: 1 hour

Compensation: $50

  • Visit at 4 months after you give birth: You will visit us with your new baby.  We will perform an EEG (electroencephalogram) to record the brain activity of your baby while he watches a video, and naps.  No sedation is necessary. We will also perform a developmental assessment on your baby.  You and your baby will provide a urine sample.

Duration: 3 hours

Compensation: $70 if one appointment, or $120.00 if two appointments ($60.00 each appointment)

  • Visit at 12 months after you give birth: We will perform a developmental assessment of your baby.

Duration: 1 hour

Compensation: $50

Moms will receive up to $230 for completion of entire study


A phone call starts the process of participation!



The consent process is very important in a Research Study! Make sure you understand everything that is involved in participation. Ask any questions you have!


An EEG (or Electroencephalogram) is a recording of brain activity using sensors that passively pick up electrical impulses.  It is a very safe and painless procedure!

Babay with EEG cap

A developmental assessment is a series of short tests to evaluate motor, sensory, and pre-language development.  It is fun for the baby (and the assessment administrator!).


Your privacy is very important to us.  All the information you give us is strictly confidential.


You can request free transportation for any study visit. Or, if you prefer to drive, there is free parking right by our offices at UNC.

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Call 919-966-2549, or email

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