LOVE Study

Researchers at UNC are looking for FIRST-TIME MOMS who are PREGNANT, OR HAVE INFANTS YOUNGER THAN 2-MONTHS-OLD to participate in a research study about how infant feeding affects weight gain, inflammation and cardiovascular activity during the first postpartum year. Moms will visit us at 34-38 weeks of pregnancy, and once at each of the postpartum months 2, 6 and 12. Participants earn up to $565 for full participation.

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***Earn up to $565 for full participation***

Participation in the LOVE (Lactation, Oxytocin and Vascular Endothelium) LOVE mom flipped

 3-4 visits to UNC will include:

    • Questionnaire and interview about infant feeding
    • Questionnaires about your pregnancy, stress, diet, sleep, exercise
    • Measurement of weight and body fat
    • Measurement of blood pressure and heart rate
    • Non-invasive ultrasound measurement of blood flow in your arm
    • Fasting blood samples for cholesterol, glucose, insulin, inflammation, and hormones involved in pregnancy, breastfeeding and stress
  • At 2 month postpartum visit, you will be asked to feed your baby. We will use ultrasound to measure blood flow in your arm before and after infant feeding.
  • Monthly scheduled telephone interviews about infant feeding (~10 minutes each) during the months you do not come to UNC (postpartum months 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11).

****Free Parking or Transportation to UNC for all appointments****

****All information is confidential****

Email: ,
Call: 919-966-2549,
Or CLICK HERE to learn more and see if you qualify.