About Us

The UNC Psychiatry Interest Group, funded by the Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation, is dedicated to exposing students to the field of Psychiatry.  Membership consists of first-through-fourth year medical students from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  The UNC Psychiatry Interest Group activities include:

  • Community service/shadowing opportunities through Project HomeStart
  • Shadowing opportunities within various subspecialties of psychiatry
  • Mentoring opportunities with faculty psychiatrists, residents, and fellows
  • Guest speakers to expose students to current psychiatry topics
  • Hosting panels to answer medical students’ questions about the field of psychiatry
  • Meetings with faculty to discuss shadowing experiences, patient cases, and current topics in psychiatry
  • Opportunities to attend Continuing Medical Education meetings
  • Opportunities to join the Robert Bashford Fellows program for students who wish to regularly shadow psychiatrists and participate in Project HomeStart