ECT Observation



Students must observe at least one ECT treatment during their six week clerkship. Students at CMC will arrange this with Dr. Mundle.  Students at UNC, CRH and UNC-WakeBrook will participate in observing ECT at UNC Hospitals.


For students at UNC, a sign-up form will be available on orientation day. Please sign up for a day when you are on a UNC psychiatry site and not on call. CRH and WakeBrook students will sign up for ECT on either the Dayback or the Mid-clerkship check-in day when they will be at UNC.

For ECT at UNC Hospitals, students should report to the PACU area of outpatient surgery on 2nd floor Anderson by 9:30 AM. Generally, this observation is around 1 hour. If you have questions regarding the ECT observation, please contact the secretary for the ECT Service, Adrienne Douglas, at 6-5477 or 6-4283.


Directions to the PACU / ECT area:

Walking toward MacNider from Neurosciences while in the Memorial building,  enter the PCS B Waiting Room on the left side of the hall.  Go to the back of the room; you'll see a door on the left which leads to procedures.  Once back, you should find a nursing station that is most helpful in directing students toward the procedure room.  If you have any difficulty, you can call the ECT Service secretary (Adrienne Douglas, 6-5477 or 6-4283).