Educational Activities

Seminar Series for the Clerkship

Seminars are intended to be interactive, focusing on the major psychiatric issues salient to becoming a competent physician, regardless of specialty choice. All students are required to participate in a core seminar series which is held 12-1 PM Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays in 238 MacNider. UNC students attend seminar in person. CRH and CMC students attend the seminars via teleconference; when CRH students are at UNC for outpatient clinics they will attend seminars along with UNC students in 238 MacNider.

Interview Skill Building Program

A primary goal of the Psychiatry Clerkship is to help students develop clinical interviewing skills, clinical reasoning, and oral presentation skills. Each clerkship site has a program to ensure that students develop these critical skills. Sessions are designed to provide formative feedback only, and to prepare students for the graded Oral Exam (observed interview, mental status exam and oral presentation) at the end of the rotation.

Outpatient Clinics

Students at all clinical sites will gain clinical exposure to outpatient psychiatry. Participation in outpatient clinics will enable students to appreciate the spectrum of psychiatric presentations, treatment course, and progress.

ECT Observation

Students must observe at least one ECT treatment during their six week clerkship. Students at CMC will arrange this with Dr. Mundle.  Students at UNC and CRH will participate in observing ECT at UNC Hospitals.

Assignment: Psychiatry Clerkship Write-Up

Details regarding expectations and grading of this assignment are provided here.

On-Call Information

Each clerkship site provides opportunities for students to learn about psychiatric emergencies via clinical experience. Information about being On-Call can be found here.