On-Call Information

CMC Emergency Psychiatry

At Carolinas Medical Center, clinical exposure to psychiatric emergencies is an important educational experience.  Students spend a portion of the rotation working int a busy psychiatric emergency department.  In this setting, students will encounter a wide variety of psychiatric emergencies and diagnoses.  Designed for the student who takes initiative, this experience is optimized if the student takes opportunities to see as many patients as possible and utilizes supervision.

Call at CRH

Students at Central Regional Hospital encounter a variety of psychiatric emergencies in their experience on the acute inpatient units.  Additionally, they will take 2-3 nights of call, where they will experience a combination of evaluation and management of patients presenting acutely as well as participation in after-hours floor coverage, seeing patients on several other psychiatric units.

Students at CRH also take one Tuesday evening call at UNC during the rotation.  This provides students with an opportunity to evaluate new patients presenting to the emergency department setting.

More information will be provided on arrival to CRH.

WakeBrook Call

Students assigned to UNC-WakeBrook will get emergency psychiatry experience in the WakeBrook Crisis and Assessment Services (CAS) unit.  There they will see patients presenting emergently as well as in an observation/crisis stabilization setting.  Call experiences. Call will consist of working one weeknight and one weekend day in CAS. During weeknights students will work in CAS from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. and on the weekend from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. On weeknights, students will report to CAS and inform staff that they are on call. Students will then pair with either a clinician or the psychologist to see new patients coming in for evaluation. On weekends, students are to meet the on-call team at the morning checkout meeting in building 107, room 107. Students will likely pair with the resident (moonlighter) on call that day. The resident will typically round on inpatients and residential patients being discharged, and then proceed to CAS for the remainder of the day. They will also be involved in floor calls for the campus. It is recommended that students spend the bulk of their time on call in CAS, as time on call is geared to provide an emergency psychiatry experience. As such, students may find it more productive to begin working in CAS alongside clinicians while the resident rounds on inpatients, then meet up with them later.

UNC Psychiatry Call

At UNC, students are assigned one weekend day and one to two weekday evenings of psychiatry call.  

Students with specific requests for no-call days should e-mail Ms. Daniel at mdaniel@med.unc.edu at least 3 weeks prior to the start of their rotation. Click here for more information.