UNC Psychiatry Call

Psychiatry Clerkship On-Call Information

Students with specific requests for no-call days should e-mail Ms. Daniel at mdaniel@med.unc.edu  and Ms. Infante at KInfante@med.unc.edu at least 3 weeks prior to the start of their rotation.

At UNC, students are assigned one weekend day and two weekday evenings. Students are required to be in the hospital and available as required to the resident on call during  the times assigned.

Weekday Call

Weekday call Monday-Friday includes participation in the Psychiatry Crisis Services and the Emergency Department.    On weekdays, students report to their wards in the morning as usual.   They will spend the morning on the wards, in team, etc. They will also attend any scheduled seminars or case conferences.

At 3:00 PM students on call should report to the Behavioral Health ED (BHED).  The BHED is in the basement of the Neurosciences Hospital.  Students should take the Rear elevators to basement; get off the elevators and walk down the corridor in the direction of the cancer hospital (also towards the Peds ED and the “D side” of the ED) the BHED will be on the right before you get to the Peds ED .  Students will meet the call team in the Nurses’ Station in the BHED.  Students may page the Crisis Coordinator/call team if they need assistance.

Students will also attend Check-Out Rounds at 4:30 PM in Conference Room E (10501 Neurosciences) on the 1st floor of the Neurosciences Hospital.

Students will remain on-call with the residents until approximately 10:00 PM, but should leave in time so as not to interfere with duty hour rules: students should not leave fewer than 10 hours between their call shift and morning rounds.

A bed is reserved for the Psychiatry On-Call student in the Medical Student Call Rooms for those students who wish to stay the night.  There are sign-up sheets on the doors.  Students needing late night transportation may call UNC Point-to-Point for a ride.

Weekend Call

When on call on Saturday and Sunday, students begin call at 8:00 AM in Conference Room E on the 1st floor of the Neurosciences Hospital (10501 Neurosciences). Students should see consultations with the senior resident on call unless instructed otherwise. At least one weekend call day (Saturday or Sunday, if there are enough to go around) is considered vital to the clerkship experience. However, during large rotations, not every student can be assigned a Saturday or Sunday.    Students may leave at 10:00 PM.

Student On Call Rooms

While rotating on Psychiatry, students are not required to stay overnight when on call. A bed is reserved for the Psychiatry On-Call student in the Medical Student Call Rooms (N4010 and N4011) for those students who wish to stay the night. There are sign-up sheets on the doors.

There are call rooms and a student work room available for Psychiatry students rotating in the UNC Hospitals. The beds are available on a first-come, first-serve basis to any student needing to spend a call night in the hospital. Should you elect to stay overnight, we encourage students to use the rooms provided.

The student call rooms are located in the main hospital in the old Sleep Lab - the sleep rooms, N4010 (men) and 4011 (women) have two sets of bunk beds, private bath, TV and telephone. The Student Work Room is N4100 and houses the student library, has a laptop computer, telephone and comfortable seating - lots of work space! Due to security reasons we cannot leave the room combination in this web space.

To get to these rooms students should take the "East/West elevators" located down by the Chapel; go to the 4th floor, take an immediate left and go through the doorway, take another left and toward the end of the hall on the left is the Work Room and around the corner from the work room take a right and the sleep rooms on the left.

Please write your name on the sign up on the list – the SOM is tracking usage and needs this information.

If you have any problems with the student call rooms, please report them to Pattie Currie (962-6113).

Emergencies or Illness

In case of emergency or illness, students should notify Ms. Myra Daniel and Ms. Kimberly Infante prior to missing call time and make arrangements to make up the time. Students may trade dates if they so choose provided they inform Ms. Daniel prior to call time.  If unable to contact Ms. Daniel or Ms. Infante in case of an emergency absence or last-minute trade, students should contact the Crisis Coordinator and/or the call team via WebExchange paging. Students need to arrange with Ms. Daniel to make up any missed call days.

Switching Call Dates

Once the call schedule is finalized, any changes should be made through Kimberly Infante at KInfante@med.unc.edu; you will only be able to contact Ms. Daniel Monday-Wednesday and Friday.  You can swap days with another student or take an open day.

If you must miss an assigned call for any reason, please send an email to Dr. Malloy, Ms. Daniel, Ms. Infante AND notify the call team.


Revised 04/17/14