UNC Consult Service

Hello and welcome to the Psychiatry Consult Service.


On the first day of your rotation, please present to the multipurpose or “work room,” in the psychiatry clinic on the 1st floor (not the ground floor) of the neurosciences hospital around 8:30am. It is located in the first hallway of the clinic behind the waiting area. If you are having trouble finding it, just ask someone where the “work room” is and they’ll point you in the right direction. There are mailboxes in the ante-room and several computers in the main room.


I or one of the consult residents will find you sometime between 8:30 and 9 am. If you find yourself waiting past 9 am, please page me via web-exchange or present to the educational suite 10625 Neurosciences where my office is located (and where Myra sits) on north side (football stadium side) of the same floor. You will find a list of the residents rotating on the consult service on my door directly behind Lesia’ Irving’s  (residency coordinator) desk if for some reason I am not returning your page – as I am very busy.  J/k.


We will discuss more details of what to expect once the rotation starts.


I hope you enjoy your time on our service and we look forward to having you join our team.





Jonathan S. Gerkin, M.D.

UNC Department of Psychiatry

Assistant Professor