Interview Skill Building Program

A primary goal of the Psychiatry Clerkship is to help students develop clinical interviewing skills, clinical reasoning, and oral presentation skills. Each clerkship site has a program to ensure that students develop these critical skills. Sessions are designed to provide formative feedback only, and to prepare students for the graded Oral Exam (observed interview, mental status exam and oral presentation) at the end of the rotation.

Carolinas Medical Center

Students at CMC will have regular interviewing sessions with Dr. Linda Mundle, the CMC Psychiatry Clerkship Site Director. These are often done with one student interviewing a patient with Dr. Mundle and the other students observing and providing feedback. Dr. Mundle will provide further details to students at CMC.

Central Regional Hospital

Students at CRH will have weekly interviewing sessions with one of the Psychiatry Chief Residents who is assigned to teach at CRH.  These sessions usually involve having a student interview a patient with the Chief Resident and other students observing and providing feedback. Drs. Zarzar and Robbins will provide further details to students at CRH.


Each student at UNC is assigned an upper-level (PG-2,3,4,5) resident tutor who will meet with the student at least 4 times during the clerkship. Students are strongly encouraged to contact their assigned tutors at the start of the clerkship to arrange the inital meeting.  Sessions should include observed interviews of patients on inpatient services, outpatient clinics, or on call/consults, along with an oral presentation and detailed feedback. Please contact Dr. Malloy ( immediately if there are any concerns about accessibility or progress.